About Us

FunPax is a social gaming platform that brings together players from all over the world. As a committed entrant in the SEA mobile gaming industry, FunPax is fully invested in bringing the most promising content from Chinese game developers, deep localization and publishing for international markets. Besides SEA, FunPax also operates in Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Guardians Clash

Explore an enchanting yet dangerous fantasy world in Guardians Clash! Adventure is at every corner of this magical continent with over 50 legendary heroes to recruit from and form your party of 5. With nearly 100 maps and various different game modes, there is always something to do in Guardians Clash!

在Guardians Clash中探索这个迷人又危险的梦幻世界!冒险是这个神奇的大陆的主色调,有50多位传奇英雄供你招募,组成你的5人队伍。近100张地图和众多不同的游戏模式任你挑选,你总能在Guardians Clash找到一款适合你的。

Stardust Fantasy 星辰大冒险

The most exciting 2d mobile MMORPG for 2018 has arrived! Experience a massive fantasy world and summon legendary helpers on your adventures. Build and strengthen your guilds to conquer the epic bosses in various dungeons and open world maps to obtain rare items! Come and experience a true mobile MMORPG right now!

2018年最刺激的2D横板格斗MMORPG来了!体验庞大的奇幻世界,召唤各类的辅助英灵,建立起强大的公会,征服各大副本与世界BOSS!IOS + 安卓双平台全球华人同服,快来体验真正的手游MMORPG!

Ninja Heroes Reborn 忍者英雄

The best anime RPG – Ninja Heroes Reborn has arrived!Gather your team of brave ninjas, legends, and heroes and join millions of players in a worldwide cross-server battle!
A ninja storm is brewing! Unleash ultimate blazing skills to crush opponents and monsters! The power of ninjutsu is yours to control. Build your own ultimate ninja clan, and become the most powerful legend in Ninja Heroes Reborn today!

忍者英雄 - 最棒的动漫RPG游戏火热出炉!召集忍者英雄加入你的队伍,与全球百万玩家同服战斗!一场忍者风暴正在酝酿!释放超炫技能,对抗敌人和怪兽!超强忍者术尽在你的掌控之中。打造最强忍者团队,你就是忍者英雄里的最强传奇!

Chaos Arena 乱斗堂2

Chaos Arena - Choose from hundreds of unique fighters to battle your way to greatness in Chaos Fighters.
Deep customization mechanics allow for endless combinations of fighters, skills, equipment, and pets.
Arenas, world PvP tournaments, guilds, mercenaries, pets, astrology, PvE dungeons, and adventuring provide endless entertainment.
Join the world of Chaos Fighters today!

乱斗堂2 - 上百个斗士任您选择,组建最强团队!深度定制您的斗士、技能、装备和萌宠让团队独一无二。快快加入这乱斗天堂吧~

Gumballs & Dungeon 地下城物语

Gumballs & Dungeon - Do you like adventures and puzzle dungeons?
Come join the adorable gumballs in their quests to become a hero!
Build your fortress, discover hidden puzzles on maps, upgade your heroes and if you are lucky, you will meet fellow gumball friends along the way!
Come test your puzzle solving abilities and collect as many gumballs as you can today!

地下城物语 - 这是一场神秘的冒险之旅,在这未知的旅途中你能走多久?赶快加入《地下城物语》,开启伟大的冒险之旅,带领你的剑士、恶魔猎手、魔法师和死亡骑士,击败埃拉希亚大陆邪恶的统治者!

Shinobi Rebirth 火影重生

Shinobi Rebirth - Indulge in endless fun with this RPG action-card-battle game! The Village of the Leaf is in need of brave heroes like you to face the wrath of the evil villains and bring peace back! It is up to you to form the ultimate team and achieve victory!

忍者重生 - 全新RPG动作卡牌对战游戏。

Alpha Allianz 阿尔法战记

Alpha Allianz - Journey through the land of Alpharion to form the greatest Alliance and save the world by retrieving the Source of Life, Eternal Core. The Tainted Core was shattered and scattered across the land, leading to chaos around the land! Customized your team and collect over 50 heroes as you face enemies possessed by the Tainted Core in this action adventure RPG!


CityMon Go! 城市精灵Go

Catch and train hundreds of cute but deadly monsters in this location-based multiplayer mobile game! Beautiful, elegant and sometimes ferocious, these creatures will never stop surprising you with their abilities! Make friends, forge alliances with real players and challenge them to duels! Train your monsters and evolve them to be the strongest in the world!


Tap Final Hero

Legend has it that The Great Evils are sealed all around the world and their dark disciples scheme to unleash them. As a hero of the realm, only you and your finger(s) are all that stand in their way! Tap to slay monsters! Tap to unleash powerful skills in battle! Tap to upgrade your heroes and summon new companions! The fate of the world rests in your Almighty hands!